Remand of suspect in Bisset murder case extended

Destau Bisset, Hy”d; Photo courtesy of the family

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Thursday, September 2, 2021, 13:08 Rishon LeTzion Magistrates Court Judge Tal Aner extended the remand of Iman Abu Sif, a 19-year-old youth suspected of murdering Destau Bisset, z”l, in Ramle during Operation Guardian of the Walls, for a second time, until 14:00 Sunday (September 5). Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the Bisset family, expressed hope that the investigation of the murder would progress “and that in the coming days we would see indictments.”

In his decision, Judge Aner wrote, “as was determined in the previous decision, there is a reasonable suspicion that a crime was committed. This suspicion has only increased since the previous extension of the remand.” Additionally, the judge related to the severity of the incident under investigation and the strong grounds for the remand of Abu Sif, which include his posing a danger to the public and his having disrupted the investigation.

The Bisset family reacted to the remand extension: “We hope that all of the law enforcement authorities will act together to thoroughly investigate [the murder] and will indict the suspects soon.”

After the hearing, Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing the family, stated, “The hearing on the remand extension of a suspect in the murder of Destau Bisset is over. We hope that the investigating unit will bring results and that the investigation of the murder will progress. This murder was committed at the time of Arab rioting against Jews, and for that reason it is important that there be a thorough investigation, and that the murder not be regarded as an isolated incident.

“For months already the family has been uncertain as to the identity of the suspects and has felt that the murderers are walking free. We hope very much that the matter is coming to a close, and that in the coming days the suspects will be indicted,” concluded Bleicher.

Destau Bisset, z”l, age 74, was run over by two Arabs riding electric bicycles in Ramle in May, during Operation Guardian of the Walls, and succumbed to his injuries approximately three weeks later. Eyewitnesses to the incident stated that the cyclists intentionally collided with Bisset, attempted to run over people waiting at a bus station and then fled the scene.

In late July, the police detained a 16-year-old suspected of the murder, but to the dismay of the family, released him after approximately one week of remand. See here and here for more details.

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