Sandak family plans event at Ma’aleh Ahuvia

Poster announcing the event

Thursday, April 15, 2021, 8:32 For Independence Day (today), the Sandak family planned a mass event in memory of Ahuvia, z”l, at Ma’aleh Ahuvia, a community being built at the site where he was killed in a police car chase. The family invited all of Am Yisrael to join, starting from 11:00.
From the written invitation: “Dear beloved Am Yisrael! On this Independence Day, we will all meet at Ma’aleh Ahuvia, at the site where Ahuvia ‘ascended to Heaven in a windstorm’. … ‘The ways of HaShem are concealed.’ – We have complete faith that everything that happens in this world is for the good. As everyone weeps, Rabbi Akiba laughs. This was the essence of Ahuvia’s life. He took reality seriously, but easily.
“Today, more than ever, we will celebrate together at Ma’aleh Ahuvia. We will sanctify HaShem’s name and declare, ‘This is our Land, this is our inheritance, and here is our future.’ Come joyfully with your children, to strengthen and be strengthened.”
Participants were advised to bring a large supply of water, because there is no infrastructure at the site. The event includes vendor booths, a children’s play, and activities such as blowing soap bubbles, face painting, baking pita bread and more. The activities are suitable for families.
Avraham Sandak, Ahuvia’s father, also recorded and shared an invitation to the event. The video clip, Hebrew only, is below and a translation by Honenu of the text is as follows: “Dear Am Yisrael, you are all invited to Ma’aleh Ahuvia on Independence Day at 11:00. Ahuvia was a child who saw the confusion of Am Yisrael, our lack of faith in ourselves and in the wonderful good we have in us, and wanted to present a clear way of love for the Land, of a connection to the holy. For that he gave his life, for that he ascended as a sacrifice to Heaven, there at Ma’aleh Ahuvia. Come and be connected to this site, especially on Independence Day, and spread this precise and clear message.”

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