Will Ma’aleh Ahuvia be destroyed again?

The Sandak family; Photo credit: David Yosef Even Denan

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Monday, April 12, 2021, 12:20 The parents of Ahuvia Sandak, z”l, sent a letter to government ministers, Knesset members, prominent rabbis, other public figures, and also “all of Am Yisrael”, requesting that Ma’aleh Ahuvia, the outpost founded in memory of their son, not be destroyed again. Avraham and Ayelet Sandak reminded the recipients of the circumstances of Ahuvia’s death, a police car chase, and of the Palestinian encroachment of land in Area C, pointing out blatant discrimination. From the letter:
“This morning, we were heartbroken to receive the news that police forces had cleared out Ma’aleh Ahuvia, at the site where our dear son was murdered and where a monument was placed and a farm was built as a sign and a symbol of his pioneering spirit, the way of love and building.
“[The outpost is for us and] everyone who is pained by the untimely passing of Ahuvia a living memorial and a limited consolation. The policeman who collided [with the youths’ car] took upon himself the role of a hangman and decided the fate of our son, death.
“The murder at the hands of the police cut short Ahuvia’s life, and his body is no longer with us, but the destruction this morning pierced his soul and his legacy that was still living among us, and reawakened the pain of the Land of Israel and all who are devoted to it. Was his death not enough? Why should his memorial also be destroyed?”
Ahuvia’s parents pointed out the glaring “injustice and discrimination” by the army and the Israeli land authorities who ignore Palestinian construction in Area C, thereby passively encouraging land theft. Later in their letter, they voiced their request: “We call on you, honored dignitaries, to express your opposition to the destruction. Am Yisrael is having a crisis of faith and has confused their values. You have the power to unify the ranks, to heal the wounds, and to raise a loud decisive voice: The Land of Israel is an inheritance from our forefathers!
“With immense pain and complete faith in the redemption and the coming of the righteous Mashiah,
Avraham and Ayelet Sandak, Ahuvia’s parents.”

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