Shimon HaTzadik detainees conditionally released

Honenu Attys. HaLevi (L) and Rom (R); Photo credit: Honenu

Tuesday, January 4, 2022, 18:43 On Tuesday, January 4, Jerusalem Magistrates Court Judge Elad Lang rejected a police request to extend the remand of two adults by five days and ordered them conditionally released. They were detained on Saturday night on suspicion of vandalizing Arab cars in the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood of Jerusalem, and their remand was extended until Tuesday.

After the decision to release the detainees, the police requested a delay in carrying out the decision in order to have time to consider appealing to the Jerusalem District Court. Judge Lang rejected the request.

Honenu Attorney David HaLevi, who represented the detainees: “Just now, the Jerusalem Magistrates Court released our clients from remand. The court censured the conduct of the police and ruled that they had not carried out the requisite investigatory operations. The court also pointed out that the evidence was preliminary and very weak. This decision is in addition to a decision yesterday that released another detainee in the case. That decision was authorized by the Jerusalem District Court, which also ruled that the evidence in the case is weak. We regret the suffering caused to our clients, the waste of time, and the superfluous detention. We welcome the decision and the release, which speaks for itself.”

Honenu Attorney Nati Rom, who also represented the detainees: “It is sad to see how the law is enforced against Jews with a policy that is not in line with how the law is enforced concerning significantly more serious crimes here in Jerusalem, where the police are unfortunately loaded down with almost daily incidents of terror. And it is sad to see how so many resources were invested in investigating Jews, when the Israel Police did not make any progress in the ten days since the incident. And in other incidents, more serious incidents, suspects are not even detained.”

The Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood has been the site of numerous violent attacks by Arabs on Jews. See here and here for two recent incidents in which Honenu represented the victims and see here for a list of posts relating to cases in which Honenu provided legal counsel to victims of antisemitic attacks in Jerusalem.

Honenu Attorneys David HaLevi (L) and Nati Rom (R); Video credit: Honenu


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