Trial of suspects in attack on Eli Rozen opened

One of Rozen’s injuries; Photo credit: Free use

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 11:46 On Monday, September 13, the trial of five suspects in the brutal attack on Eli Rozen in the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood opened at the Jerusalem District Court. All five suspects are being detained until the end of proceedings. Rozen was present at the hearing, accompanied by Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who said that he would follow the case until the maximum penalty was handed down to the assailants.

Bleicher: “We will continue to attend hearings and to closely follow the trial. Our goal is to make the voice of terror and crime victims heard, to reveal the cruelty of the assailants, and to insist that they receive the maximum penalty for their crimes. The assailants must pay heavily for their actions.”

Documentation of the attack; Video credit: Social media, Telegram Group Channel

On July 23, the Supreme Court overturned a decision by Jerusalem District Court Judge Miriam Lomp, accepted the appeal filed by the Office of the Attorney General and ordered the continuation of the remand of Muhammad Khalaf, one of the suspects in the attack.

Eli Rozen was attacked in the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood on April 23. The indictment describes the incident: During the Arab rioting in Jerusalem, dozens of rioters gathered in the area of the attack and set a dumpster on fire. At that time, an adult Jew, Rozen, finished prayers at the Tomb of Shimon HaTzadik and started to walk to his home in the Shmuel HaNavi neighborhood, with his dog, past the rioters. When some of the rioters noticed him, they shouted, “Outsider, outsider!”, “Settler, settler!”, and “Beat him, beat him!”

When the rest of the rioters heard the calls and noticed that the intended victim had a Jewish appearance, they threw rocks at him. The victim tried to escape, but the rioters ran towards him, completely surrounded him, and then punched him, kicked him, beat him with wooden clubs, threw large rocks and other objects at him, and used an electric shocker on him. When the victim attempted to escape, the rioters threw him to the ground and continued to beat him. One of them shoved the victim with his shoulder and punched the victim. The victim suffered bruises, swelling, cuts, and three broken vertebrae.

Eli Rozen describing the attack; Video credit: Honenu

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