Supreme Court rejects appeal without deliberation

Friday, April 27, 2018, 14:40 The Supreme Court rejected without a deliberation and against the law the appeal filed by Honenu on behalf of an approximately 15-year-old detainee who is under an order preventing him from meeting with an attorney. Supreme Court Justice Anat Baron rejected the appeal.
On the afternoon of Friday, April 27, Honenu filed an appeal on the decision by the Jerusalem District Court to reject the appeal which Honenu had filed on the order preventing the minor from meeting with an attorney. In the appeal the Honenu Attorneys claimed that the Jerusalem District Court had erred in not considering the unusual circumstances under which the order was issued, and detailed what the conduct of the police had been on the previous day. On Thursday, three Honenu Attorneys were misled for hours by the police, who kept the whereabouts of the minor unknown to his attorneys. Also the police issued the order preventing a meeting with an attorney only after Jerusalem Magistrate Court Judge Richter ordered them to allow an immediate meeting between the minor and an attorney.
The minor was detained and interrogated in Jerusalem on the morning of Tuesday, April 24, on suspicion of destroying Arab property in the Jerusalem area approximately two months previously. The Jerusalem Magistrate Court extended his remand until Sunday, April 29.
Honenu Attorneys David HaLevi, Adi Keidar, Moshe Poleski and Nati Rom, who are handling the case, made a statement:
“The Jerusalem District Court rejected the appeal without relating to the substantial flaws, ruses played, lies told to attorneys and prevented a detained minor from meeting with his attorneys and his parents.
“As is required by law and as a right granted to them, the attorneys turned to the Supreme Court in an appeal in which they detailed the circumstances which justify canceling the decision made by the Jerusalem District Court. Surprisingly, and against the law, the Supreme Court rejected the appeal in a short, four-line decision, without holding a deliberation, without seeing either the minor or his attorneys or hearing any of their claims.
“This is a scandal. The Supreme Court, the principle force of the court system, which is trusted with the well-being and rights of the interrogated, certainly of interrogated minors, ignored the provisions of the law which require holding a deliberation in the presence of the two sides, and thus rejected the appeal. At this moment we appealed to the Supreme Court in a request to change the decision and to hold a new deliberation before a different justice who will hear the claims. We hope that this will occur before Shabbat.”

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