Tomb of Elazar ben Aharon HaCohen desecrated

ָElazar tomb1Friday, February 7, 10:07 On the morning of Wednesday, February 5, Binyamim Sedeka, a leader of the Samaritan-Israelite community, was shocked to see graffiti spray painted at the site of the the tomb of Elazar (ben Aharon) the High Priest in the town of Awarta. The Samaritans had recently invested over 110,000 shekels to restore the ancient site which also includes the graves of the Biblical Pinhas and other leaders of ancient Israel. The graffiti included praises to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and their stance against the “Zionist enemy” who is preventing them from realizing their rights to all of “Palestine.” Awarta, an Arab town near the Jewish community of Itamar in the Shomron, is infamous for being site from which terrorists infiltrated Itamar and murdered five members of the Fogel family, hy”d, on Friday night, March 11, 2011.ָElazar tomb3
If only the National Unit of Serious and International Crime Investigations, the Israeli Police, and the GSS would invest as much effort tracking down the perpetrators of this desecration as they spend hunting down and harassing Jews whom they accuse of spray painting graffiti on mosques and other supposed “price tag” attacks the perpetrators of the vandalism would be apprehended.

ָElazar tomb4
Photo credit: Binyamim Sedaka

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