Two boys aged 13 and 14 detained in Kiryat Arba

Saturday (after Shabbat), May 4, 22:59 Two boys aged 13 and 14 from Kiryat Arba were detained a shortly before 11:00 P.M on the night of Saturday, May 4 at the entrance to Kiryat Arba on suspicion of throwing rocks, Honenu reports.
The two boys were detained after an Arab driver gave a report to soldiers at a nearby intersection claiming that rocks had been thrown at them. The boys who had been at the intersection were held by the soldiers until policemen arrived, detained the boys and took them to the police station.
Honenu notes the contrast between the detention of the two boys and other recent incidents, stating in response that, “This past week security forces have been present in Yehuda and Shomron in record breaking numbers. Their selective vision and hearing has been shown by their failure to prevent during that time a shooting attack in the Shomron, Jews being beaten near Talmon, fields being set on fire by an arsonist in Givat Ronen, and as usual dozens of rock throwing attacks carried out by Arabs but success in detaining two young Jewish boys.”

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