Yitzhar resident violently detained during protest

Friday, April 3, 14:49 Starting from the early afternoon hours on Friday, April 3 a protest and afternoon prayer with a large number of participants are taking place at the site of the murder of Eviyatar Borovsky, hy”d in protest of the destruction of the Eviyatar outpost built in his memory at the Tapuah Junction.
A 21 year old resident of Yitzhar was detained during the protest, Honenu reports. Eye witnesses reported that he was very violently detained. The police used tear gas and an electric shocker because, according to them the detainee kicked an Arab vehicle that was interfering with the movements of the protesters at the site.
It should be noted that the detainee was a good friend of Eviyatar Borovsky, hy”d, and was an eye witness to his murder.
Honenu attorney Adi Kedar is handling the case.

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