Update, protest detainees: two released, three still in remand

Wednesday, May 1, 14:23 The remand of three of the four detainees detained on Tuesday, April 30 at the protest which took place at the Yitzhar Junction after the murder of Eviyatar Borovsky, hy”d, has been extended until the following Friday, May 3, Honenu reports. The three detainees are accused of endangering human life in a public traffic lane. The fourth detainee, who was released to his home, was accused of disturbing a policeman in the line of duty and assaulting a policeman.
The girl detained at the Yitzhar Junction in a separate protest incident following the murder was accused of assaulting a policeman and released to her home. She will not be allowed to leave her community until Sunday.
ְAdditionally, the remand of the minor detained on suspicion of assaulting Arab police detectives was extended by one day.
Honenu intends to file an appeal on the two remand extensions.
In response to the extension of the remand of the three Yitzhar residents, Honenu attorney David HaLevi said that, “The remand is superfluous. I have no doubt that in a short time it will become clear that my clients had no part in the incident being judged. My clients have denied all connection to the accusations against them and given detailed testimony during interrogation, including seeing a bus driver arrive at the Yitzhar Junction driving wildly in such a manner that it appeared that he was attempting to run over by-standers. The soldiers present at the scene drew and cocked their weapons and also broke the windshield of the bus in an attempt to stop it. My clients were detained only because they stood at the junction at the same time. The rocks were thrown at the bus from a considerable distance from the junction.”

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