Women’s evening in memory of Ahuvia Sandak, z”l, motzei Shabbat

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Friday, January 29, 2021, 14:05 “We will not be silent!” In response to the death of Ahuvia Sandak, z”l, and in his memory, a women’s event titled “Mothers for the Children” will take place Saturday night, after Shabbat. The event is a joint initiative between rabbaniot, mothers of hilltop youth, and other mothers. Mothers of hilltop youth will tell their story, explaining from where there came and what motivates them. Also artists will perform live. The event will be streamed live on YouTube and on Zoom. Participation is free.
Rabbanit Ruth Binyamin will speak at the event: “We are in the process of the Redemption, and at times what is hidden exceeds what is revealed. ‘’ – the hilltop youth, some of whom are already adult residents of hilltop communities and heads of households, have genuine, religiously-motivated longings, and a desire to settle the Land of Israel, with a far-sighted outlook.
“If we succeed in relating to them as an asset – such as a diamond in the rough, whose value is understood – and not an inconvenience, and take care of the full range of their needs, their full potential will be achieved.
“The investigation of Ahuvia’s horrific death must be transferred to an impartial authority, to an independent judicial or investigatory authority or an independent traffic inspector. It cannot be that what is being presented as an accident will not be investigated. It cannot be that the authorities cover up [for the police] and then allow [the policemen] to coordinate testimonies and reach a cover-up of this entire terrible case. We will not be silent. We, the mothers, will not allow this to happen.
“The hypocrisy of the human rights organizations screams: Where are they? Why is it that when it comes to the rights of an infiltrator or an Arab who injured a Jew they’re concerned that maybe he is a minor or something similar? Every honest individual whose heart beats true should raise an outcry with citizens’ rights organizations.
“With great admiration, I thank all of the organizers who brought about this event. We will stride towards the Redemption with all of Am Yisrael behind us.”
Rabbaniot and artists will participate in the event and call for the State of Israel and the law enforcement authorities to “distinguish between friend and foe”. Among the other rabbiniot who will participate are Rabbanit Tova Eliyahu and Rabbanit Idit Itzkovitz. Rabbanit Ya’el Shevah will moderate the event. Singer and musician Ruhama Ben Yosef and sand artist Raheli Bender will perform.
The organizers said that the initiative came from several mothers who joined together out of “the pain over the defamation and besmirching of hilltop youth, which over the years resulted in the legitimacy to clash with them by any means possible. The time has come to raise the mothers’ cry and to defend our children, to tell our children that they are our own flesh and blood. The youths have many good points, along with traits that need improvement, and with G-d’s help we want to take care of that also. But first of all we want to return to them their trust in adults, that we love them and want to empower them and to give them opportunities for positive action.”
The organizers added an unequivocal demand from the police and other law enforcement authorities: “We also demand that the government and the police treat them respectfully and rationally. The establishment must relate to them as pioneering youth and not as criminal youth or G-d forbid terrorists.”
The event will take place on Saturday night, after Shabbat, starting from 21:00 and will be streamed live on YouTube and on Zoom.

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