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Arrestee accused of chopping down Arab trees released

Wednesday, March 14, 15:57 Once again an arrest in a joint raid by security forces has ended with the arrestee’s release after a short time. A fourteen year old youth was arrested yesterday in a pre-dawn raid in the community … Continue reading

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Remand on arrestee extended

Tuesday, March 13, 17:06 Honenu reports that the remand of one of the youths arrested this morning (Tuesday) in a pre-dawn raid has been extended by one day. The youth is suspected of chopping down Arab trees. In a deliberation … Continue reading

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Four arrests in joint pre-dawn raid by security forces

Tuesday, March 13, 8:56 Concurrently with the ongoing missile attacks on southern Israel, security forces conducted a joint raid resulting in four arrests of nationalist youths. Four youths were arrested in the early morning today in three locations throughout the … Continue reading

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Assaulted students accused of assault

Monday, March 12, 15:45 Two students of the pre-army academy of Ateret Cohanim in the Old City of Jerusalem who were assaulted by a group of Arabs in the Muslim Quarter just before the beginning of last Shabbat, were arrested … Continue reading

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Arabs attacked, Jewish youth arrested, forced to violate Shabbat

Sunday, March 11, 15:49 Honenu reports that a youth arrested on Shabbat evening at the tomb of Shimon HaTzaddik in Jerusalem has been released. The youth was arrested during a demonstration held in protest of an attack by Arabs on … Continue reading

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Another arrest and release in the Ephraim Brigade case

Wednesday, March 7, 21:16 A Hevron resident, married and father of five children, was arrested yesterday morning during an early morning raid on his house. The arrestee was interrogated at the police station on suspicion of involvement with the Ephraim … Continue reading

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