Bisset family to DM Gallant: Recognize Destau Bisset as terror victim

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Destau Bisset, Hy”d; Photo courtesy of the family

Thursday, June 15, 2023, 12:14 On Thursday, June 15, the family of Destau Bisset, Hy”d, visited his grave to mark two years since his murder by Arabs in Ramle during Operation Guardian of the Walls. Bisset was run over by two Arabs riding electric bicycles. He was seriously injured and died of his wounds two weeks later. Recently, Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher wrote a letter on behalf of the family to Defense Minister Yoav Gallant demanding that Bisset be recognized as a terror victim.

In his letter, Attorney Bleicher described the failures of the police investigation. “The terror attack occurred during the May 2021 Arab riots, which were particularly severe in mixed [Jewish-Arab] cities. The streets were in flames, and Jews were the target of violence and murder by Islamic terrorists. Unfortunately, and regretfully, because of a serious failure by the police, the incident was not investigated at all for a week. Even one week later, the incident was investigated lethargically. The police began a thorough investigation only after the victim’s death when much precious time for optimal evidence gathering had been lost. This investigation was conducted by the Central Crime Fighting Unit of the Israel Police. As the investigation progressed, the suspicion that the incident was a premeditated murder became increasingly established.”

In his letter, Attorney Bleicher explained how, despite requests from the Bisset family, the GSS refused to investigate the incident. “On July 27, 2021, a suspect, a minor, was detained on suspicion of murder, but was released several days later because of problems with the evidence. On August 8, 2021, another suspect, an adult, was detained on suspicion of premeditated murder. His remand was extended several times, but unfortunately, this suspect was also released due to problems with the evidence. In an attempt to maximize the investigation, the family demanded the involvement of GSS investigators in the case and even petitioned the High Court of Justice to that end. The family petitioned the High Court of Justice to involve GSS investigators in the case. As of now, the GSS has refused to take on investigating the case.”

Furthermore, Attorney Bleicher wrote that after six months of pressing for a thorough investigation, the family asked the Defense Ministry to at the very least recognize their loss due to a terror attack. “The ministry refused to decide until after the investigation, and the final conclusions are reached. Appallingly, two years have passed since the riots of Operation Guardian of the Walls and the evidence needed for the investigation has yet to be collected.”

In conclusion, Attorney Bleicher demanded that Defense Minister Gallant recognize Destau Bisset as a terror victim. “Recognizing the deceased as a terror victim is the minimum the State of Israel is required and obligated for this dear family, who lost their father under these circumstances. For many years, the State of Israel has known when to recognize victims of terror and security forces who fell in the line of duty even when they have not been eligible for recognition according to the letter of the law. The deceased is worthy of and eligible for recognition by the State according to the law but primarily because of the State of Israel’s moral obligation to recognize the deceased as a victim of terror under the circumstances. Due to the great suffering that the family is experiencing, the undersigned is turning directly to your honor to expedite, without delay, the recognition of the deceased as a victim of terror. The family, the community of Ethiopian Jews, and all Israeli citizens are watching the honorable [Defense] Minster on this important matter.”

Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher stated, “Failure to recognize Destau Bisset, Hy”d, as a victim of terror, is a disgrace for the State of Israel. Destau, Hy”d, made every sacrifice to come with his family from Ethiopia on Aliya to Israel. Here, in Israel, he sacrificed his life because he was a Jew—and the State refuses to recognize his cause of death. As a native citizen of Israel, I am embarrassed by what the family and the community of the deceased have experienced since the attack. The terrorists have not been brought to justice because of a monumental failure: During the week after the attack, it was not investigated. Now, the State of Israel is ensuring that the family will pay the full price for the failures of the State’s investigation. This is a disgrace.”

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