Bride detained on Temple Mount on suspicion of praying

Thursday, July 30, 2015, 12:15 On the morning of Thursday, July 30 a bride was detained on her wedding day on the Temple Mount on suspicion of murmuring a prayer. Honenu attorney Rehavia Piltz rushed to the police station to work towards the bride’s release and reported that the policemen claimed that she murmured a prayer – meaning that they claim to have seen her move her lips – during her visit on the Temple Mount. She was released after being detained for approximately an hour an a half at the police station and was not interrogated.
Piltz stated that, “It is extremely saddening that the police would detain a bride on her wedding day for the ‘serious crime of murmuring a prayer, and ignore the many violations of the law by Muslims on the Temple Mount.”
Thursday morning an additional incident also occurred. A Yassam (Special Forces) policeman who was assaulted by Arabs and started to defend himself was pushed back by other policemen who demanded that he show restraint and not respond.
A clash developed between the policemen. Eye witnesses reported that when the assaulted policeman left the Temple Mount, he angrily threw his bullet-proof vest and helmet down as he expressed frustration at his own powerlessness and that of Temple Mount police in general. Several policemen and officers who arrived at the scene took the assaulted policeman off to the side and attempted to calm him.
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